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Mosaic is a decorative art that can be applied to a wide variety of free surfaces, both indoors and outdoors: venetian floors - terrazzo, wall frescoes, tables and desks, kitchens and bathrooms, swimming pools and fountains. For David Dalichoux, the first step in the creation of a mosaic is to make a precise artistic drawing.


The second step consists of choosing the colours and thus the materials closest to the feelings to be conveyed. Then comes the long process of preparing the tesserae* and placing them on the design. David Dalichoux is one of the only ones to work manually with mosaics, as most other mosaicists have industrialised the art. He creates original works of art. It is about using traditional methods; an art transmitted since Ancient Greece to express the vision of the City, the evolutions in human relations... Today, for David Dalichoux, it is "thanks to the transmission of ancestral gestures that poetic compositions are born and deployed in our contemporary environment".


He has implemented new processes in order to bring life and light to his creations. Terrazzo**, used as a binder between the marble tesserae, seems to irrigate the body of the mosaic. The creation of a mosaic is then similar to the birth of a child. After many months, in a few moments the work is revealed. 


Each work is made in a single copy.


*Tesserae: small cubes of marble, cut with a hammer. **terrazzo: a mixture of marble grains and binder used as a mosaic base.

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